[Wine] Re: CDemu Half Life 2 install problem

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 3 18:13:16 CDT 2011

guriinii wrote:
> DaVince wrote:
> > Do both CD images have the same mount point? Or is the mount point based on the CD's name label?
>  Not sure, I think the mount point is based on the name. Which are HL2_1 and HL2_2. But I'm thinking of setting up a dual boot of XP, which is also proving to be difficult without a CD drive.

I suggest you manually mount them on the same mount point (whenever they're needed of course, since you can only mount one thing at one point). That way, Wine will detect both locations as the same CD drive, and the chance of the installer failing lowers quite a bit.

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