[Wine] Re: Rosetta Stone

Gomer321 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 4 05:42:45 CDT 2011

Here is my experience with Rosetta Stone:

I am SO unhappy with Rosetta Stone. I purchased a RS language program from a vendor who was using a fake licensing certificate and stolen credit cards to buy thousands of RS products and resell them. The guy is now in jail and was ordered to pay restitution to Rosetta Stone. I only found this out when I contacted them to get a deactivation code to transfer the program to our new computer. They are refusing to allow me to reactivate our program..the one we paid hundreds of dollars for, which they happily activated almost 2 years ago, and which my daughter has been using for her high school foreign language credits. They will not allow me to pay some sort of fee to "legitimize" my purchase and get an activation code. My only recourse is to purchase a new program for over $500. Nice.

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