[Wine] Re: CDemu Half Life 2 install problem

DL wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 5 23:26:28 CDT 2011

guriinii wrote:
> Hi! 
> I'm trying to install HL2 and I have no CD drive, So I've been using CDemu to mount the CDs, which works, but when the installer asks "Insert Disc 2" I eject the CD with 
> Code:
> wine eject d:
>  I then mount CD2 and click to continue but nothing happens and the window doesn't go away. 
> I am stuck and exhausted my resources, can anyone help?

You could try the loopback method for mounting CD images:


sudo mount -o loop <filename.iso> <mount point>

Then once you are prompted for the next disc you could use the same "wine eject d:" method, or you could do a lazy umount:


sudo umount -l <mount point>

Then mount the next image with the same process. You could also try a lazy umount with cdemu as well.

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