[Wine] Re: Duke Nukem Forever Demo (Steam) not launching

Quix0r wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 6 04:43:52 CDT 2011

Okay, now I cannot continue to play because of that flickers. Of course, native DLLs are not supported by WINE team, so I tried some override lines:

[Software\\Wine\\DllOverrides] 1312622391

These lines allows me to play but when I'm closing in to the Duke Dome, the flickers are all over the rendered scene and make the game unplayable. Also setting d3dcompiler_43 to native doesn't help here.

If I set all d3dx9-lines to builtin, the game crashes at loading the save game which renders the game unplayable, too.

And every time I launch the game, one installation step fails, I had to hit "Cancel" and launch DNF again to make it run (then it works but comes back after next restart of WINE).

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