[Wine] Re: Wine off a LiveUSB

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 6 14:01:09 CDT 2011

I just use usb-creator to copy the files out of a Ubuntu or Ubuntu-like live installer iso onto a thumb drive and create a persistence file for me. Then I go in and clean up shop by installing GRUB2 to the track0 (and lately I've been playing with EFI), get grub.cfg how I want it, put other stuff in, etc. Then I boot into the Linux mentioned above, install wine via add-apt-repository and apt-get, and volia, I have WINE on a bootable thumb drive. In fact, I have a 32-bit partition and a 64-bit partition.
My way sounds a lot easier than yours, but yours probably has more options. You can still install WINE from source in "my way".


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