[Wine] Newbie Question Minimum DLLs or Components Required

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 17:06:47 CDT 2011

On 8/6/11 12:21 PM, Geezanansa wrote:
> Have you tried PlayOnLinux or Wine Tricks?
PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac are not supported here.

Winetricks should only be used if advised to do so in the forum or in a 
program's Application Database entry.

Otherwise, you should try to run any program without any changes to Wine 
and see what happens.  If the program fails to run, collect a logging 
file from the command line and post it to a site like pastebin.com 
(instructions on how to do this are on the Wine FAQ.)

Adding winetricks can actually make things worse and fully break program 
(and Wine) ability to run or function.


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