[Wine] Profili Pro software needs mdb file?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 08:30:51 CDT 2011

On 8/6/11 10:25 PM, superbug20 wrote:
> OK...I deleted the program with the Wine GUI. I then opened a terminal and did a mkdir of /home/superbug/profilicam. I then executed the code suggested to create a fresh wine prefix and all of that went smoothly along with the new winetricks for that prefix.  I had the profili.exe file in the folder I created and had wine do the install. After the fresh install the program gave me the same error but with a slightly different destination path "Impossible to open database C:\users\superbug\My Documents\ProfiliPro\Libraries\ProfiliProNoPolar.mdb". I did check to make sure the program did install in the new folder /home/superbug/profilicam which is the new prefix.
>    I did notice a note in the terminal after the jet40 winetricks command that the install was complete but the installed file /home/////dao360.dll not found. IDK if this is normal or not.
This is normal and the file should have ended with .tlb not .dll.

I'll have to see what happens here in a fresh wineprefix when installing 
jet40 from the most current winetricks.


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