[Wine] Re: Best Wine Front-End

jjmckenzie wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 7 13:35:04 CDT 2011

silveringking wrote:
> Hello I was wondering what are the best Wine Front-Ends. PlayonLinux is excellent with games that is for sure... But when I try to install the copy I bought of Babylon Pro 9 a few years ago, when I try to push the dictionaries I simply can't... So I would like to know what is the most friendly front-end in order to install applications that need patches and updates (in this case my babylon michaelis dictionaries, which need to be installed on the directory as babylon...).
> Also may I ask you if it is possible/legal to install directx under Wine, you know to play ;) . I would prefer an front-end with a lot of support and updated. And one where I could install everything need for certain functions under the same "prefix" like on PlayOnLinux...
> Thank you!

We only can support 'vanilla' Wine.  Third Party front ends like POL have their own support forums/mail lists.  We cannot even support winetricks which is trying to bring POL/POM support under a modifiable BASH script.

Why are you looking at using a Front End?


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