[Wine] Re: Champion's Online

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 7 18:24:06 CDT 2011

doh123 wrote:
> 1.2.3 runs it... 1.3.5 is what I use to run it.  From 1.3.15 up through about 1.3.20 the mouse was totally hosed.  It works decently now, but there are minor graphical problems, and still some slight mouse issues that are annoying.  1.3.25 killed sound working at all on CoreAudio (only affects mac OS X) and I haven't tested 1.3.26 yet... but since 1.3.15 its basically been pretty bad, so I've stuck with 1.3.5 just for this game simply because it runs almost 100% right.

Why not add that info to the AppDB? :)

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