[Wine] Post subject: Uninstall Windows Apps?

Zackary Viel0 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 8 01:54:06 CDT 2011

Hi All 

I'm running Ubuntu Maverick with Wine 1.2.2 

After I had to install Apples Itunes to unlock a ipod, I'm now finding Itunes has "taken over" my system! It starts when I want to open my home folder for some reason! 
I am done with using it and I have other software in Ubu that's working fine with the ipod so I though I would uninstal itunes. Sounds easy eh? 
I opened Wine> Uninstall Wine Software to get the menu opened for uninstalling windows software. 
I clicked on the itunes icon and then selected "remove". It then opened a dialog box that gave the options - Repair or remove, so I hit remove. This brings up the "Are you sure option" 

This starts the Install process and the whole program is reinstalled!!? 
this happened on another item i tried to remove as well!! 

So - what am i missing here? 

thanks in advance 
                                           Zackary Viel0

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