[Wine] Re: Tmax Window(a propietary OS) using Wine?

Cali11989 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 8 05:10:47 CDT 2011

Forgive my poor English.

There is Tmax Window, the 1st windows XP compatible proprietary OS from Korea.

Tmax company showed screenshot of Tmax Windows.

But it is known as they mixed images with real XP and OpenOffice suite screenshots.

Tmax Window is doubtful about stolen ReactOS source code:

This is a post of a tmax developer.
In the beginning of development, windows compatiblity is not needed, but 3 months before beta release, patching is being continued. in addition to, Reactos OS project is reference(moreover reactos OS is GPLed)

Tmax changed to a new screenshot and told newspapers not to use old images.
This is new screenshots: http://twinblog.tistory.com/24

I think that Tmax window must be GPL violance.

The beta release date is July 7th 2009.

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