[Wine] Portal + Intel HD Graphics 3000 + Ubuntu Natty

Linvantage wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 9 20:12:04 CDT 2011

I just set up my new Lenovo ThinkPad X220 for use with Ubuntu Natty. All is well (even the function keys work!) except for 3D games. I'm not asking a lot here - these are games that are supposed to run at least decently on a HD 3000 accelerator. 

So far I've tried Amnesia: The Dark Descent, it's Linux-native demo, and Portal. ADD loads to it's menu, but nothing (like 3D background) renders - black screen with menu options on top. It crashes when attempting to start a game. The Linux demo loads through it's intro screens, but just completely crashes to desktop right as it would display the main menu (which, again, has a 3D backgroud). Portal actually renders it's opening menu, but the framerate is awful and several lighting effects are very glitchy looking.

My guess is that the Tungsten drivers simply aren't featureful enough to do any 3d gaming, which is more than just an entertainment concern for me. I bought this lappie for attending engineering school, and if 3D graphics just aren't stable, I guess i'll be restoring the original Win 7 install.

I'm hoping that they'll be a regedit fix or maybe better drivers (I hear Intel gives out enough documentation for there to be open-source drivers). Any assistance/advice here would be sincerely appreciated.

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