[Wine] Tips on Buying Home Wine Rack

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Tue Aug 9 21:51:22 CDT 2011

Whether your wine collection is growing or you just made a run to the grocery sale and found a couple solid bottles on sale, wine racks are a must-have.  They make great eye candy for any home, not to mention become a conversation piece!  With the variety of wine rack styles to choose from, you will be faced with different styles, choices and designs when purchasing a wine rack.

Home wine racks (http://www.hallomall.com/home-decor/dining/wine-racks-bottle-holders.html) may be made of many types of materials including glass, wood, metal, and stone. While choosing a wine rack, careful attention should be paid to where it will reside in your home, and what style will compliment it’s surroundings the best. Are you looking for a cabinet, counter top rack, or perhaps a hanging rack.Modern, vintage, eclectic, or artistic. All of these variables are important in finding the right wine rack for you.Buying the best home wine rack to display favorite vintages or to simply have a bottle handy for serving guests at a dinner party can be confusing with so many styles on the market.

1. Careful attention should be paid to sunlight, U.V. rays can ruin a wine, and while bottles are engineered to block some light it is best to store in an area that is not directly in the sunlight.

2. Humidity plays a large roll in storing wine as well. Controlling the humidity will lessen the chances of the cork becoming contaminated ( what we call being corked which imparts a mothball or musty character ), or oxidized, meaning the cork has allowed oxygen into the bottle and turned the wine into sherry. This is evidenced by a vinegar like profile to the wine. We want the cork to stay nice and supple, not to dry and not overly moist.

3. Temperature should be kept somewhat cool. Heat will age a wine faster and plays a roll in the effects of humidity. If your wine rack has a temperature control we want it at 55-60 F.

4. Stability also plays a role in storage, we do not want the bottle holders  jostling around and disturbing it’s slumber, this is especially important if in an area prone to earthquakes, make sure your home wine rack will be able to withstand and protect your bottle holder  in an extreme situation. Bottles also should always be kept on there side while being stored which ensures that the wine is always in contact with the cork maintaing it’s moistness. So now that we have taken all factors into consideration we are ready to select are home wine rack. Enjoy, drink responsibly and have fun.

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