[Wine] Listbox Question - Danish accounting program SummaSummarum

joo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 10 10:15:00 CDT 2011

Dear Wine board. This is my first Post.
This wine bug has been bothering me for two years now so now i think it is time to try and have it fixed.
The first step is to figure out how to phrase my bug with the correct terms.
As I don't know the names of the widgets since I haven't developed windows-application for some 10 years, I hope that someone will look at my screencast which i recorded in flv-format with byzanz screencast.
It should only take around 10 seconds of watching for You to see the bug.

The problem is that my application, Summasummarum, which is a danish double entry bookkeeping application, a very popular one, automatically clicks on entries on mouseover in, among other places, the chart of accounts.

Can anyone try and help me describe this problem, - or maybe someone knows the problem and can point me in the right direction of some fix.
Perhaps if there is no fix, some bounty-hunter might want to take a look at it for some price.

Here is the video illustratiang automatically clicking-behaviour when no mouse clicking is done, - but only mouseover:

Thanks in advance.
Best regards
Jørgen Olsen

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