[Wine] Re: MS-Office 2003 crashes when loading documents

Shdwdrgn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 10 12:00:19 CDT 2011

Must have been a bad install.  I reinstalled wine1.3 and the setup went smoothly.  So now back to the original problem...

MS Word will open OK, but still crashes when I try to load an existing document.  The document I'm testing with only contains a single line of plain text, so there's nothing fancy about it - no tables or graphics, not even italics or bold text.

I looked for dw20.exe in winecfg, but did not find it listed.  I thought it would be under libraries, but apparently not.  Can you point me to it?

I also tried adding an override for riched20, setting it to native.  Winword still crashes when I load a document.  I added a native override for riched32, but again the same results.

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