[Wine] Medal of Honor almost a success

nankura wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 10 20:24:06 CDT 2011

Hey guys

Ok i was curious to see if Medal of honor would work 2010 tier 1 edition would work

I installed the dvd just fine. a little buggy on the blue bar but hey xD it installed fine

At first i couldnt run the game

Then i figured out that you go to your home folder and find the MoH folder. edit the settings and simply changed "directx mode" to 9 not auto

And it ran, starts up fine

The only issue is mouse interaction. the menu keeps switching wildly, when u finally click "server browser" you can join a game

and once your in a game. it loads fine ,graphics display fine, but your mouse is stuck spinning in circles

if there could just be a fix for this, the game would run like a dream

Now i havnt seen this game in the AppDB or much news about it, just the beta was in there

This game may not be the most popular game, but with all it needing is a small mouse/user input/interaction fix, which i think a phew games needed. i think it deserves to be in the AppDB and looked at to get it working

Its a good game, fun, and has a great community

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