[Wine] Scale "up" low resolution programs to fit screen?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 23:28:16 CDT 2011

On 8/10/11 8:38 AM, penyuan wrote:
> [quote="doh123"][quote="penyuan"][quote="jjmckenzie"]
> ...
> This is a discussion to hold with the distributor of your Linux
> product.  I will state that the Mac video system through XQuartz ran
> QuakeII at 640x480 very well on my MacBook Pro (2011 edition).
> [/quote]
> Do you mean you changed your resolution in System Preferences->Display to 640x480, start X11, then start QuakeII?[/quote]
> you do not need to do this [u]if you install the latest version of XQuartz[/u] and make sure Wine is using that.  It will change automatically for you when the game calls the resolution.  Apple's X11 on Lion supposedly will do this as well, but XQuartz is still all around better.  Apple's X11 on Snow Leopard and older cannot.  You really just want to run XQuartz if you are using Wine this way.[/quote]
> Please excuse my ignorance, but how do I tell Wine to use Xquartz, and should I install Xquartz via something like Macports?
You can do it that way or you can download a disk image file and install 
it on Snow Leopord beside Apple's X11 or instead of on Leopard.

> If so, how should I "invoke" Xquartz after I install it?
It will be the default X11 unless you override on Snow Leopard or 
re-install X11 on Leopard.


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