[Wine] Intercept Dungeon Keeper 2 Textures

dedesite wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 12 06:26:21 CDT 2011

Hi everyone,

I don't if this post belong to wine-devel or the forum so I'm putting it here now and in case I'm wrong I'll post to wine-devel.

I try to retrieve Dungeon Keeper 2 resources (meshes, textures, sound etc.) in order to create an hypotetical clone of this game :D. 
Since I'm not a pro in hacking compression algorithm I didn't try to understand the DKII propretary image format, so I think I'd rather use wine to intercept DirectX Texture calls and save the textures.

I just took a code that save a DirectDrawSurface (the game use DirectDraw 7) into a bitmap (http://gpalem.web.officelive.com/bitmap.html) a called it before the surface is release, this way I catch every surface and that they are well initialized, at least that's what I supposed...

My technic kinda works but, I got a lot of black textures and the others have all the pixel inverted and colors are...weird.

Since my understanding of C, ddraw, BitBlt and the bitmap format is limited I must have done something wrong but I'm out of ideas :).
I've tried a lot of BitBlt rop flag, none of them change the result and I have those errors on every call to BitBlt :

err:xrender:get_xrender_format_from_color_shifts No XRender format found!
err:xrender:get_xrender_format_from_color_shifts No XRender format found!

Here is my ddraw patch and a texture, if someone has a idea, feels free to help :D.


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