[Wine] Illegal project ?

dedesite wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 12 08:56:54 CDT 2011

Hi again,

Sorry to bother you with my Dungeon Keeper 2 project but you closed the topic and I just wanna precise that I didn't plan to sell the clone I wanted to make, neither to allow people to use the program without having an original copy of the game...

vitamin says that :

> This would be a copyright infringement and thus illegal in most countries.
> Topic closed.

I'm not a specialist in copyright issues but I see a lot of unofficial mod's of games which uses game resources and I don't think it's illegal to use them if you have an original copy of the game. 

Plus, I wanted to use game resources for a start cause I'm not an artist, but if I manage to get something functionnal I (or other people) will of course recreate all the resources.

So sorry, but I found your decision a bit abrubt.
If it's the rules of this list, no problem, I'll talk about that in other places.


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