[Wine] User32::MENU_CopySysPopup problem

jackofblades wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 13 03:11:51 CDT 2011

When this code may fail?

 *           MENU_CopySysPopup
 * Return the default system menu.
static HMENU MENU_CopySysPopup(BOOL mdi)
    static const WCHAR sysmenuW[] = {'S','Y','S','M','E','N','U',0};
    static const WCHAR sysmenumdiW[] = {'S','Y','S','M','E','N','U','M','D','I',0};

    HMENU hMenu = LoadMenuW(user32_module, (mdi ? sysmenumdiW : sysmenuW));

I have tried setting "LC_ALL" to "en".
hMenu is always 0 for my test-app  [Rolling Eyes]

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