[Wine] Re: Native Client version

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 14 10:03:20 CDT 2011

André H. Wine catchs syscall faults at times and processes them.   Problem is nacl also catchs syscall faults and a syscall fault equals application termination.

So yes fix up wine and still a stack of windows applications will never work in nacl.  Also then you have wine huge dependency list.

DosBox is a full blown emulator.  Wine is not.

Don't underestimate how badly behavied windows applications are.  Like trying to alter flags at particular memory addresses directly.

You can bet some win32 and win64 are going to do stuff the sandbox will take offence to.

Yes you have better olds making Linux applications work inside it than windows.   So far no one has done a chromium inside chrome.  That would be funny.

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