[Wine] Re: how 2 download WINE thru windows (no linux modem yet)

christmasangel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 14 17:26:15 CDT 2011

Per the faq stating wine supports amd64, 

and per the disk mismatch of ubuntu linux central sent me (10.04), 

it appears that wines version is 1.2 but still being called "beta" on my cd.

I manually thru windows downloaded 1.2 Wine (non beta), and it isnt working. 

Is there another issue of wine that would work on an amd64 computer?

(I did go thru manually downloading wine 1.2 standard & dependancies, but I'm stuck at a point where wine says several of my lib32/Libc6 etc will break with its required dependancy versions)
versions not installing smoothly:

The only one that was installed smoothly was wine Gecko. 

Any clues? (maybe an older or newer version than current 1.2 standard wine?)

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