[Wine] Space Shuttle Mission 2007 - mouse cursor stuck

Talkless wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 15 11:53:32 CDT 2011


Space Shuttle Mission 2007 (http://www.space-shuttle-mission.com/) is awsome simulator I found missing in AppDB. Have anyone tried it?

Unfortunately I have problem with it - mouse cursor is stuck within invisible rectangle, smaller then game screen surface.

While using virtual desktop you can see that "real" mouse cursor moves out of game screen, but in-game cursor stays somewhere at 70% in x and/or y coordinates (of game window).

If you wiggle mouse in unpredicted manner, it can sometimes reach corner of game screen, but it fails just after. It's really annoying, and it looks that it's only problem for this game...

I am using "default" Wine 1.2.2 @ Ubuntu 11.04. I remember trying the latest one, though with no success (I don't use 1.3 fore some regressions).

I've tried various settings in winecfg, but it's always the same...

I haven't noticed similar problem in any other game I tried in Wine.

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