[Wine] Argo online on Linux

Wineexperiments187 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 15 16:33:11 CDT 2011

Hello Again people of Wine.

I'm putting A new topic about the Game Argo online.
Again Im having some trouble Installing it.
According to ratings Here about the Game, Its a Gold rating. It installs and it runs, Well I might add.

However I have Ran Into a Small Problem, No matter HOW many times I Try to run the game file through the WINE program loader, It somehow Never starts Running.
In other words, I Open the File with the Program loader, its starts loading at the bottom for me to Start the Installation, But then Disappears, without Loading the Installation Steps.

It worked once before but then started this Problem, so I can't Complete the Installation.

Please Respond Soon. Thanks

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