[Wine] copy of the .wine directory

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Wed Aug 17 03:11:23 CDT 2011

> What is the best procedure about wine when you change your computer ?
> Do you must install all program you had on your old computer ?
Review the list of programs/packaged you previously installed. 
Change package names etc as needed to suit the new distro.
Install them.

Whenever I install a new version of Fedora I do a clean install. I
maintain a script that pulls in all the packages I need. See the
following for tips: 


Bear in mind that Red Hat have a much more purist attitude to installing
proprietary and non-open-source code than Ubuntu. This means that a
Fedora distro doesn't include closed source codecs and programs, e.g.
Flash. You can run them, but you'll have to find and install them since
they aren't included in the Fedora repo. Many are available from the
third party RPMfusion and atrpms repositories. Both have instructions
for adding them to the list of repos that yum searches.


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