[Wine] Re: Wine license and Mac App Store

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 17 07:26:11 CDT 2011

I do not think the X dependency has to be removed.

I believe the requirement in the Mac App Store is that you can only use APIs and Frameworks that come with a default install of the OS... unless they are ones you provide yourself already in the package.  I'm not totally sure on the specifics though.

Wineskin has all of its X server included in the app, along with Wine and everything else... it runs fine on a default install of Mac OS X without anything extra needed to be installed.

I many would like to know if it passes only because I'm the creator Wineskin, but haven't ever really registered anything with Apple to see what goes through.  I have a feeling they will not like how the app is made... its a bit hacky since its trying to run multiple programs all through a single app.  I'd like to know sometime what exact problems they have with it to see if I can change the structure around some to make it acceptable.  Cider is accepted, but they run it much differently than Wineskin runs since they customize everything for the one game, and they have a working quartz driver and do not use X11.  Their Quartz driver can only handle fullscreen, or a single virtual desktop window... so its not quite as good as the X11 driver for versatility, but since they only use it for fullscreen games, it works for them.

In any case, using Wine itself for an app being sold should be legal as long as the Wine source you use is made available.

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