[Wine] Error when starting COD without install

k3kz0r wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 17 08:50:30 CDT 2011


i have copied a installed version of Call of Duty 1 from my Win 7 PC to my Debian PC to run a dedicated server on it. Wine is installed and works as much as i can tell but i cant start the server because it doesn't find the files it needs to load. 

The error message is "Couldn't load the default_mp.cfg. Make sure Call of Duty is run from the correct folder"

So i think its the same problem i would have when i run a program on windows with a wrong working dir.

How can i get wine to set the working dir of the program to the real dir on the HD? 

Ps.: I DONT want to install it on the debian PC because it is a special modded version of the game, that many of my friends have and i dont want to prepare a fresh install of that game again.

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