[Wine] Re: Previously working app now has blank windows when launched

mogorva wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 17 09:16:26 CDT 2011

hemanthkm wrote:
> I am also facing the White window problem with SAP client,Acrobat Reader and Internet Explorer.How should i apply this patch?.i mean how to use this?
> thanks 
> hemanth

Are you sure your problems in those apps were caused by the aforementioned bug/commit? Did those apps work correctly with the previous version (1.3.25)?
If you don't have the possibility to revert your Wine back to 1.3.25 (e.g. by your package manager) you should compile Wine from source and apply the patch.
You can find instructions how to compile Wine from source here:

Also, you will likely need to install a bunch of development files (dependencies for Wine) by your package manager to fulfill the requirements.
If you have problems compiling Wine from source you can always ask for help either here on the forums or on the irc channel.

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