[Wine] Re: How to let wine doing a rescan of PATA devices?

Peter0 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 17 16:47:54 CDT 2011

If someone want to play around with the remove-single-device commands: I think even with a non-hot-plugable drive one can use this commands, execpt for the fact that for obvious reasons drive type will be the same as before after add-single-device.

The 4 digits may be adjusted to local system properties:
1st digit is Hostadapter ID (first being 0)
2nd digit is no. of bus of that Hostadapters (first being 0)
3rd digit is device's ID (on PATA it's the device no.; in 90s-slang: 0="master", 1="slave")
4th digit: LUN (first being 0, on PATA usually 0)

I think, on virtually all PATA systems, 2nd and 4th digit must be "0", 3rd must be "0" or "1". And on the majority of motherboard based adapters, 1st digit will be  "0" or "1", too, I think.

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