[Wine] Re: Logitech Freedom 2.4

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 17 19:36:39 CDT 2011

martijntje wrote:
> I created a registry key under HKCU -> Software -> Wine -> DirectInput, called "Logitech Logitech Freedom 2.4": "X,Y,Z,Slider1,POV1,POV2", which, in my opinion would correspond to the 6 axes the joystick has

Not correct. POV takes 2 axis (X & Y). Also note that POV's axis are digital (on/off). Thumb stick (mini joystick) would be best mapped as separate axis (Rx & Ry for example).

martijntje wrote:
> wine disagrees with me on this and says: err:dinput:setup_dinput_options not all joystick axes mapped: 6 axes(4,2), 8 arguments.

Yeah, Wine should really have a configuratior of sorts to help mapping this axis.

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