[Wine] Re: Wine 1.3.25 kills sound with PulseAudio

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 17 20:06:09 CDT 2011

Number 1 ESD is basically not required.  Really most of the time it was working worse than the Alsa driver set right with pulseaudio.

There is an option people miss.  winecfg->audio Then switch hardware acceleration from full to emulation.

Full is for if you have a real sound with real on board hardware doing the mixing.  Emulation is for some cards with dmix, pulseaudio and other sound servers. 

Failure to set to emulation wine will kill Pulseaudio.  Because it will ask too much of it like real-time buffers.  Yes its a major defect in Pulseaudio that wine can kill it out right.  Ok wine losing sound fine but an application should not be able to kill it out right even if set wrong.   One of the big problems with ALSA design is that it was designed with the world of dmix in mind.   So you cannot probe for a stack of features.  Instead you were indented to be able to presume they are in existence.   Emulation is designed to work around buggy dmix alsa card combination.

Also Pulseaudio will break some programs running in wine.  Would not make any difference if wine created a driver for pulseaudio.  The issue is that Pulseaudio is sluggish compared to the Windows sound system.

hibba padsp wraps the wine oss driver.  But not all builds contain the oss driver any more because particular Linux Distributions decided to drop the oss libraries.

jorl17 2 second lag is infact a pulseaudio issue at times.  So even go alsa to pulse people can suffering from that.

By the way jorl17 all that hack you have does is restore ALSA to it default operation before Pulseaudio authors messed with it.

Totally not required if Pulseaudio would proper work as a dmix replacement.

Really I am not looking forward to the new sound system in wine.  I just fear if it done to suit pulseaudio the numbers of applications that will not be workable will be a lot.

jorl17 that hack you have seams like the best solution in my point of view until pulseaudio is good enough or replaced because people are sick of it issues.

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