[Wine] Re: How do I update the latest wine?

Wineexperiments187 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 18 13:39:18 CDT 2011

I KNEW I forgot something...

my current OS is a linux 9.10 karmic

Lets see...How did I install wine in the First place?
I honestly Don't Remember. 
What I DO remember Is I went to the links here on the Web site, And downloaded a Ubuntu Package, The 1.3 package to be exact. 
And I think it automatically Installed... 

jjmckenzie, From your link I have determined that I have the latest recommended package... I have the latest Wine Tarball Package in my downloaded files And I have Extracted it.(Extract means Unpack right?)

The only Problem I have is the "Configure and Make" part
I have tried Putting the Command ./configure in the Terminal And it did nothing... I have found a Text file called configure in package and Ran it through the Terminal, ALSO did nothing... So the only Reason none of this work is Because, Im not doing it Right Obviously...

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