[Wine] Keyboard input problems

Dainius (GreatEmerald) pastas4 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 16:50:43 CDT 2011

I have been having some really strange problems with keyboard input in
Wine lately. That is, all buttons seem to have shifted to the left by
one key, so if there is a game that has WASD set as default control,
it reacts to Q\AS instead, and if I change the key bindings (by
pressing the actual WASD buttons when the game asks me to input new
keys), I see the new bindings shifted as well, so if I pressed WASD,
the game reports that I actually pressed ESDF. The really strange
thing about it is that at least in the Unreal Engine, entering things
into the Unreal console works as expected - all keys are what they
appear to be, but just after I exit the console, the game again
responds only to the shifted keys.

I have noticed this behaviour in Unreal II XMP and Star Trek: Bridge
Commander so far. Using openSUSE 11.4 x86_64 with KDE, Wine 1.3.26.

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