[Wine] Re: ATI FireGL v5200 and Guild Wars

MadTony wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 19 18:09:49 CDT 2011

Bob Wya wrote:
> ...I would agree with 'Mister' about dual-booting. An X1600 is a pretty decent gaming card under Windows. The open source drivers for the X1600 under Linux are very immature. However they progressing at phenomenal pace - since AMD/ATI started releasing details of their GPU API ~3 years ago. Give them another 2 years and who knows... You might be a notebook as an AMD graphics card!!
> Bob

I used this exact setup for the last year or so and it's been like pulling teeth all the way.  I have no idea how much time I've lost trying to get this thing to work properly on a CONSISTENT basis.  I so feel your pain.

Oh well.  Here's to hoping the future brings better development.

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