[Wine] Re: How to let wine doing a rescan of PATA devices?

Peter0 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 20 07:16:37 CDT 2011

oiaohm wrote:
> There is a work around.  If the device is always appearing as the same /dev/<device> what normally does happen.  Manually add the device to wine using winecfg.

It seems that this did it. Thanks.

Nevertheless I noticed that one drive appeared to be /dev/cdrw and the next one seems to be /dev/sr0. As far as I know the latter one is the one being less times redirected, therefore I tried to change the entry, but did not mange to do so at first.
Now I managed: I'm forced to click on the actual drive letter to highlight it in the assignment table. Clicking on the assignment proximate on the right hand side, yet even bigger in size, isn't being recognized… aargh. My recommendation: make the list sensitive to clicks on its whole width.

To prevent missunderstandings and make things clearer for future readers of this thread, here's what I did (as I'm using a german GUI, I try to translate menu items and the like in the following, but I'm not sure if it matches the original english expressions):
 · Started configurator: Desktop menu "Anwendungen" (applications), "Wine", "Konfiguriere Wine" (Configure wine)
 · Clicked tab "Laufwerke" (drives/devices)
 · Clicked "Hinzufügen" (add), chose a free drive letter
 · Chose "Typ" (type) being "CD-ROM"
 · Into "Pfad" (path) I entered "/dev/cdrw", later "/dev/sr0" (these names I gathered from console output of a call to cdrecord)
 · Finally I clicked on "Anwenden" (applicate changes) and/or "OK"

This behaviour made me suspicious:
 · Why there is a field named "Device" after clicking "Erweitert" (advanced menus/buttons), but this field is greyed?

Bye – Peter

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