[Wine] Re: How do I update the latest wine?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 21 18:32:07 CDT 2011

Wineexperiments187 wrote:
> I did that already, However I didn't extract it From the file manager, I went to the tar file's location Where I then Extracted it from there.
> Do I have to Try extracting from the File manager? if so... Where Do I find the file manager?

If you right-clicked a folder, you were in your file manager. That's not something you can do from the command line.

I suspect the reason you can't install the build-dep package is the same reason you can't simply install a current Wine package: your version of Ubuntu is old, and the distro package maintainer is no longer building packages for it. So you will have to just have to get the dependencies individually. Navigate to the extracted directory, run ./configure, and install whatever it complains is missing, Keep doing that until it stops complaining. 

Or, you could just upgrade your distro to a version that is still in support. There is a point at which a release becomes so old that hanging on to it becomes more trouble than upgrading.

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