[Wine] Re: 1.3.26 focus on Wine windows minimizes all native windows

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 21 21:01:22 CDT 2011

tparker wrote:
> Since updating to 1.3.26 anytime the window for a program running 
> through wine has focus all native (opensuse 11.4 kde) windows minimize. 
> If I click on a native window in my task bar the wine window minimizes 
> and all previously viewable native windows appear. I have never had this 
> happen before and have not changed anything on the system other than the 
> wine update in the time this problem showed up. Is there a setting 
> somewhere in winecfg that controls this? I have looked and not found 
> anything. Any ideas are appreciated, I need both types of window up at 
> the same time again.

I'm using openSUSE 11.4 with KDE 4.6 and I'm not seeing any such behavior.  Wine can't control what your window manager does with native windows. It sounds like something has messed up a KDE setting somewhere, possibly something related to focus stealing prevention. (I messed with those settings once, and learned never to touch them again.)

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