[Wine] Re: Is Wine having a bug in it's system?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 21 22:43:27 CDT 2011

You may think Rainmeter doesn't access the internet, but the wininet fixmes mean that it does. Not being connected, however, isn't what's causing the crash; I downloaded Rainmeter, and it crashed on start for me, too, until I installed winetricks dotnet20. 

So now that I've run it, I have to ask, what on earth made you think it DIDN'T access the internet? One of the things it monitors is network traffic.

As to why all your other exes are now crashing on start, I noticed one of the options during install of Rainmeter was to have it load whenever Windows starts. If you left that checked, Rainmeter would try to load any time you started anything in that wineprefix, and without dotnet20, would of course crash.

My suggestion is to delete that wineprefix, reinstall your other apps to a clean wineprefix, and Rainmeter to a separate wineprefix.

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