[Wine] ATI control center screen identifier always turned on

Gustra wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 22 08:43:24 CDT 2011

Ubunty Natty 11.04
Wine: 1.3.26

I have tried two games (Ground Control and Puzzle Agent) in Wine 1.3.26, and when the games switches to full screen, the ATI control center's screen identifier is activated, which shows a 1 in a red square in the top-left corner or in the middle of the screen. I am able to ALT-TAB in GC and turn off the identifier, but in PA ALT-TAB does not work, as the game screen just makes the screen go blank.

It seems to me like somthing activates the identifier. I cannot turn off this in the ATI control center (most annoying!), but perhaps there is a setting in wine which can be changed to avoid this behavior?

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