[Wine] Re: wine monopolizes the sound

cyphaw wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 24 08:52:33 CDT 2011

Thanks for the answer.

oiaohm wrote:
> cyphaw I can bet what this problem is.
> Number basically forget aoss and padsp instructions in most cases.
> First stop winecfg tab audio  set "Hardware acceleration" to emulation.

Yes, never seen that anywhere, I will try.

> Number two pasuspender don't work on lots of sound cards and cause issue of exclusive access.   Developer of pulseaudio will not listern to me and enable dmix when it disables pulseaudio or even just provide option to enable dmix when disabling pulseaudio.

Actually, I don't use pasuspender, I killed all pulseaudio related processes, and it apparently falled back to alsa (pulseaudio didn't respawn).

Sound card without mixer giving direct access without dmix or pulseaudio results in exclusive access issue.   cyphaw.

> Also you need to fix some things never get the idea of copying 32 bit libraries into 64 bit library directory in an attempt to fix things you only make stuff worse.
> On a 64 bit system /usr/lib should contain 64 bit versions. /lib/lib32 contains 32 bit versions. 
> Now if its loading the wrong ones after that is the preload script that needs altering.   Please reverse the damage you have done before doing anything else.

I know, it was just for testing. Some posts said that adding 32bits libs in lib32 helped, I did that, but then the scripts apparently tried to load some from lib, so I modified a few, of them, but reversed everything.

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