[Wine] Re: Schoolzone windows application

macka601 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 25 05:46:29 CDT 2011

Hi quertymn, 

Thanks - that helped a bunch! I located the single_eula.txt from the cd and put it into a license folder in the program directory, and it seemed to jump that error.
It bought a box up complaining about not being able to find that file (i now know).

Stuck now on the next file that i guess it can't find. 
DataCache.cpp(275) : ZDataCache::ZDataCache cache\cache_scene.xml
DataCache.cpp(279) : ZDataCache::ZDataCache 
I think that the setup didn't run properly, and now it has all these files it can't find. 

Will have to go back to the supplier i guess


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