[Wine] Re: Oblivion -5006

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 26 22:04:28 CDT 2011

Just another friendly reminder that the loopback method of mounting an iso does not emulate hardware. Use CDemu instead if hardware emulation is required.
I am having issues with running Oblivion in WINE as well. No audio once you get to the animation over the map. The first parts have audio. The first thing that happens after launching the launcher is the screen freezes with some nutty tiled repetition of a section of the screen after being stretched and darker horizontal bars added, with the in-betweens lighter. I can't see the "Bethseda" ad, but I can hear it. After all that I get to the normal screen where you can click "continue", with the map background (and I do see the proceeding animation over the map), except there is no audio and the Gnome panel is still showing (since seeing the map).
I'd provide more details, but I'm moving into college now, and don't have time for it. (and my main computer and stuff is in a box).
I hope this thread results in Oblivion working well in WINE.

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