[Wine] Windows and Ubuntu and Windows and......

ubudunce wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 27 03:05:16 CDT 2011

Hi folks
I am a complete noob to this Ubuntu stuff, so please forgive me if I ask a dumb Question, or ramble on....
I have been told that I am trying to run before I can crawl, but here goes.....

I have a few old Windows programs that are no longer supported or run correctly on Vista or Win7, but work happily in XP. These are used for my business and are mission critical. The two main ones are Labels Unlimited and Sage Line50 ver11. I am fed up with being told to keep buying new software because Windows no longer supports my software. LU2 is no longer available, So I have been persuaded to try Ubuntu.

So far so good.
Here's the snag - both programs access their data across the Windows Domain, and need to see a mapped drive (G: )!

I have installed Ubuntu and Wine(1.2)and Samba. I have (after a bit of faffing around) installed both software packages on the Ubuntu computer. They both seem to work fine with local data. I can see (and mount) the windows data share (server1/data), however I cannot seem to find out how to assign a drive letter to it. I realise that Linux doesn't use drive letters in the same way and have been told that Samba is the way to do it, but it seems that Samba is fine for sharing Linux folders, but not what I need.
Bearing in mind that I am a complete novice with Ubuntu (cant even find the Terminal window!!), have only been trying it (Ubuntu) for 4 days, and my programming skills stopped at 6502 assy language and paper tape Basic. Can anyone talk this dunce throw the operations, or is there a "Dummies Guide"? I have spent a day and a bit browsing the Interweb thingy and have found lots of stuff about accessing Windows shares, but nothing in particular showing how I can assign a drive letter to a Windows share, so that I can run Windows software under Ubuntu.
I realise that this may be an unusual way of running things, but surely I cant be the only one?

I have seen that others have used Sage Line50 on Linux, so I can only think that I must be having "finger" trouble in mapping a windows network share.
I have done a quick search, but to no avail. Can anyone assist?

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