[Wine] Re: Fallout New Vegas no longer working

Maquis196 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 27 06:58:23 CDT 2011

Hhmm, testing seems to indicate that my a newer wine then 1.3.24 conflicts with the dll overrides I have in the prefix.

With a new prefix 1.3.27 seems to play the game okay, but there is definitely something up with quartz. In the old prefix (basically my steam overall prefix, there is a quartz override that 1.3.27 causes F:NV to not even load anymore citing a load of quartz errors) in the new prefix there isn't a quartz override and almost everything works okay.

I say almost everything because in Primm (a location in the game), if I face a certain direction towards the NCR camp, the HUD disappears and I'm getting a tonne of quartz related errors in console;

fixme:quartz:Parser_QueryInterface No interface for {2dd74950-a890-11d1-abe8-00a0c905f375}!

Will test with 1.3.24 to see what happens with this (since I have played it without a quartz override before)

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