[Wine] Re: second x-server window has no sound. Please help!

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 28 19:22:54 CDT 2011

deckoff the curse of pulseaudio.

Reason why you were getting no sound is the pulseaudio sound server is still sitting on the audio in an exclusive way.

3 possible solutions.

1 don't use pulseaudio return to dmix  and alsa.
2 use pulseaudio but have dmix under it that everyone can access.
3 Do some horrid setting to pulseaudio so that the second users audio can pass into pulseaudio of the first user.

Anyone one of the 3 you don't loss sound when you switch between sessions.

This is something I want pulseaudio to fix assp.  Some way to allow pulseaudio servers to operate nicely with each other.

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