[Wine] Re: Ashen Empires

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 29 16:38:59 CDT 2011

liamdawe wrote:
> I am using the same version of winetricks as i am using the beta PPA.
> But winetricks cannot find the download for ie6, it must have been removed?

Possibly; I have ie6 in my winetricks cache. I just tested ie7; it also works, so try that. Set wininet to native in winecfg after installing it (winetricks ie7 installs it, but doesn't set the override).

> Any idea why certain things like corefonts for example doesn't appear in my winetricks?

I pretty much stick with the command line, but from what I remember of the winetricks GUI menu, the organization of the submenus was pretty arbitrary. It's probably somewhere you wouldn't think to look.

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