[Wine] Re: DOS programs on OSX?

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 30 21:49:22 CDT 2011

WINE didn't work with any of the Windows programs I first tried, either. That's because the first things I tried were my "utilitarian" programs such as hardware spec getters and hardware emulators. Since then I have found Linux-native alternatives.
Now I have a feel for what programs I should expect to work in WINE, and which I shouldn't, and which I can push for.
Now I have come to respect WINE for what it can do. I used to think it was junk. And at one time it was. Then 1.3 came out. Night and day.
Just remember that we should be thankful that WINE can run _any_ Windows programs. And we should be thankful that WINE even exists. Mac OS X, Linux, etc. aren't supposed to be able to run Windows programs, but thanks to WINE, they can run many of them.
It's not like Windows program programmers have WINE in mind as they code. They usually don't try to be WINE-compatible. Instead, they write to be Windows-compatible, and WINE seemingly has to be a product of reverse-engineering, constantly trying mimic enough of a closed-source operating system to run its programs. The WINE-devs can't see the Windows source code, so you can't blame them for much.
Now multiply that by 10 and you have ReactOS.

Miraculously, there are actually a few programs that WINE can run better than Windows, such as (in my experience), a game called "Battle for Naboo".


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