[Wine] Re: how to cross-compile

Bruni wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 31 03:54:35 CDT 2011

You probably did not note the trace on that screenshot (http://dawncrow.de/arm4.png) and that running putty had resulted from cross compiling by means of winelib. André launched putty binary in qemu emulating an arm machine so that it was convenient for him to take a screenshot, if I got his explanations right.

dawncrow at qemu-test:~$ uname -m
dawncrow at qemu-test:~$

Please make it clear:
1. Just what OS architecture do you want to run in qemu?
2. Just what architecture do you want to run wine compiled for?
3. what does run what? Is it an ARM version of OS, which runs an ARM version of wine which, in turn, runs ARM version of qemu which, in turn, runs x86 binaries, or anything else?

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