[Wine] Ubuntu and Windows and Sage.........

ubudunce wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 31 13:03:10 CDT 2011

Following on from my previous missive - now apparently resolved :D I now have another problem.
This time with Sage Line50 Ver11.
It appears to have installed OK and seems to link to the network share drive (G:), however it will not allow me (or anyone else) to log in. 
If I use any good username, it comes back with "invalid password", even for users with no password. If I use any "invalid" username, it comes back with "invalid logon name".

Judging by that, It "sees" across the network, to establish who is and who isnt a valid login username, but doesnt appear to recognise any passwords.

My quandry is this......

Is this a Windows problem (permissions, maybe)?
Is this a Ubuntu/Wine problem?
Is this a Sage problem?
Is this encryption problem?
Is this a permutation of any or all of the above.

Does anyone have any ideas, bearing in mind my ignorance in this matters?

Further to the above, I have copied the "accdata" folder from the G: drive to the C: drive and the problems are exactly the same, so It doesnt seem (as stated above) to be network related.

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