[Wine] graphics freeze when one program is calling another program

snejjj wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 10 06:17:15 CST 2011

hi there,

I know, wine with some installed winetricks-packages isn't supported, but that's why I ask here and don't file a bug-report.

I've got the following situation:

Program A (written in VB.net) runs fine on it self. 
Program B (with 3d-graphics) also runs fine on it self.

Now when program A is done, there's an option automatically call program B (has 3d-graphics). It does so with "system.diagnostics.process.start(PathToProgramB)".
Program B then starts normally but then somethin in the graphics (I think it could be X or even something in the driver) crashes and graphics freezes.

I know that WINE itself cannot crash the entire system as it's a userspace-program, but could it be that WINE passes some bad code/call along to the graphics-system which then crashes?

I hope you can help me or point me the right direction, thank you in advance!


P.S.: I'm using Wine 1.3.13 (with winetricks dotnet20 and d3dx9) on Kubuntu 10.10 64bit.
ATI Radeon HD 5770 with Catalyst 10.12

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